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R. Kelly Gets 30 Years Imprisonment for Sex Trafficking Cases

Former R&B singer R. Kelly gets 30 years imprisonment for sex trafficking cases on Wednesday from U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly will face 30 years of imprisonment over sex trafficking cases. (Photo: YouTube)

R. Kelly Received His Sentence

R. Kelly was convicted months ago on all nine counts of sex trafficking charges filed against him. It was mentioned in a report published in CNN News that he used his fame and influence to sexually abuse his victims that included boys and girls.

The same report mentioned that the prosecutor asked the judge to give R. Kelly more than 25 years of imprisonment. However, the former R&B singer’s defense lawyer asked for 10 or even fewer. The defense attorney also said that the request of the prosecutor is tantamount to “life imprisonment”, R. Kelly is now 55 years old.

Judge Donnelly said that she also considered Kelly’s childhood experience in giving the 30-year imprisonment. In a published article in INSIDER, it was mentioned that Kelly had a traumatic childhood experience because he was sexually abused by his own relative and a landlord.

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Victims Released Statements

Following the release of the sentence, victims could not their happiness. One of the victims said You took advantage of their hopes and dreams, holding teenagers in your house trapped. You were at the top of your organization, and you raped and beat them, separated them from their families and forced them to do unspeakable things.”

Additionally, one victim shared on how he was forced to perform oral sex. In an article published in NBC News, the victim said “After you played basketball, in a car full of your friends. Do you remember that?!”

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