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Guess What? Cameron Diaz Is Coming Out of Retirement

Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement to lead a new movie on Netflix along with Jamie Foxx.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is coming out in retirement. (Photo: Shape)

Cameron Diaz’s New Movie

Cameron Diaz confirmed her retirement from the Hollywood industry in 2018 to focus on her family. But she is now officially ending her retirement after Jamie Foxx shared through her social media account their conversation about their new movie on Netflix.

Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx will both star in the new upcoming Netflix movie ‘Back in Action’. The two both worked together in the movie ‘Annie’ in 2014, according to a published article in The Verge. That was also the last appearance of Diaz in film.

Meanwhile, Netflix did not release much information about the movie. The streaming site only said that it will be an action-comedy and will be directed, produced, and written by Seth Gordon. Additionally, Beau Bauman will serve as the producer while Brendan O’Brien is helping tailor the script.

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 Why does Netflix Want Cameron Diaz To Work In A New Movie?

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming sites in the world but they lost millions of subscribers recently. According to recent data, Netflix has 74.58 million subscribers in the US and Canada and about 222 million worldwide. However, around 3.6 million unsubscribed from the platform in May due to its increasing rate, according to an article published in CNN News.

Netflix believes that they could get again millions of subscribers if they will tap big names to star in a movie like Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx. In fact, the Netflix movie ‘Project Power’ in 2020 managed to have 75 million viewers. Hopefully, this time, the same or even bigger number of viewers Netflix will have.

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