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Ms. Marvel Could Be Stronger Than Captain Marvel, Here’s Why!

The origin of Ms. Marvel is a hint that she could be stronger than Captain Marvel or even other MCU heroes.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel could be more powerful than Captain Marvel and other MCU super heroes. (Photo: Critical Hit)

The Origin of Ms. Marvel

Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel revealed that Kamala Khan’s level of power is not the same of other superheroes including Captain Marvel. In the Season 3 Finale of Ms. Marvel in Disney+, the streaming site seems to send a message about the power Ms. Marvel possessed.

In a published article in Screen Rant, it was found out that Kamala came from a cosmic-powered bangle resembling the Quantum Bands from Marvel Comics. However, this revealed the introduction of the ClanDestines and Marvel’s interpretation of the Djinn.

Moreover, Ms. Marvel’s mother came from ClanDestines named Elayth. She was very powerful and was trapped in Yden. Additionally, it was also found out that the powers of each member of the Clan Destine came from her, giving them immortality, and force or power that no one can reckon.

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What Does This Mean for Ms. Marvel?

There’s still more that we need to know about Ms. Marvel. Season 3 ended with a call Kamala getting a call from her grandmother that she needs to come to Karachi with her mother. This could be a sign of a big fight and a preparation for her appearance in the upcoming movie Captain Marvel 2, according to a published article in Tomsguide.

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