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‘Spy Kids’ Returns: Meet The New Cast

The upcoming movie ‘Spy Kids’ has finally found a new cast and its new home after years of discussion and debate on its new sequel.

Spy Kids

New cast and home of ‘Spy Kids’. (Photo: CBR)

New Cast, Home of ‘Spy Kids’

‘Spy Kids’ is a family movie that is always close to the hearts of the kids. It does not only give entertainment but also bonds the whole family and taught always taught one lesson, which is to help and love one another no matter what happens.

Robert Rodriguez, Spy Kids creator, revealed recently that he already found the new cast and new home of his movie. In a published article in DEADLINE,  Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Everly Carganilla, and a new star in the making Connor Esterson will lead the movie.

Meanwhile, the ‘Spy Kids’ will be streamed on the online streaming sites Netflix, Skydance, and Spyglass. It was also mentioned in the report that this is its second movie of Rodriguez on Netflix. However, it was not mentioned if he has movies also on other streaming sites.

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PLOT and Release Date of ‘Spy Kids’

Details about the new sequel of ‘Spy Kids’ are very thin. However, Rodriguez assured us that the new movie will focus on a new “multicultural family” of spies, according to a published article in POLYGON. This is what we know so far about the movie.

On the other hand, Rodriguez, who will both write and direct the movie, did not yet announce and reveal the release date or debut of the movie. Definitely, fans are now so excited to watch one of their favorite movie, ‘Spy Kids’.

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