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‘Kraven the Hunter’ Lead Star Reveals the Movie’s Biggest Secret

Kraven the Hunter
'Kraven the Hunter' lead star reveals its biggest secret. (Photo: COLLIDER)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, lead star of ‘Kraven the Hunter’, recently revealed what the upcoming movie is hiding and what makes it different from other hero genre movies.

Kraven the Hunter

‘Kraven the Hunter’ lead star reveals its biggest secret. (Photo: COLLIDER)

Biggest Secret of ‘Kraven the Hunter’

‘Kraven the Hunter’ will finally be in theaters in 2023 after years of debate and discussion. However, the movie keeps a secret that its lead star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who will play the character of ‘Kraven’, revealed recently during an interview.

In a published article in Comic Book, the actor said that the movie will be shot entirely in a location. This is very uncommon and challenging because superhero genre movies were filmed primarily using a green screen and in large studios.

However, the ‘Kraven the Hunter’ is still somehow expected to use Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) as part of its filming. Meanwhile, the actor did not mention any specifics or details about where the upcoming movie will be filmed.

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More Details About ‘Kraven the Hunter’

Aaron Taylor-John said during the CineEurope Conference that there might be many changes as to how the PLOT and the story of the ‘Kraven the Hunter’ will go compared to its comics. Additionally, he also added that ‘Kraven’ is Spider-Man’s number one rival, according to a published article in Movie Web.

The actor also mentioned that he loved to play the character because ‘Kraven’ is a villain who is not alien or has powers. He is just a ‘hunter’ and a human being. But the big irony in this movie is that ‘Kraven’ is an animal lover but he will catch his biggest prey, Spider-Man.

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