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‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Confirmed, Here’s What You Should Know

The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer will have its Season 2. (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix confirmed that the legal drama ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ will have its Season 2 with 10 episodes on the same streaming site.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer will have its Season 2. (Photo: Netflix)

The Success of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’

The legal drama ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is one of the biggest hit series on Netflix early this year. It became part of the Top 10 series across 90 countries and watched over 260.5 million hours of the show as of June 5 since it was first released on May 13, according to a published article in Pop Culture.

The Season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ was gracefully embraced by viewers and critics alike. They give positive feedback and comments about the series which pushes Netflix to give a green light for its new season amid the continuous cancellation of the streaming site of different movies and TV shows.

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is based on the novels by renowned author Michael Connelly. It follows the life of Mickey Haller (Garcia-Rulfo) who regains his career after he lost it due to addiction, according to a recently published article in DEADLINE.

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‘The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2’

The new season of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ will still follow the life of Mickey Haller played by Garcia-Rulfo. However, there will be another case that he will solve and how he will stop the bank from taking the house of Lisa Trammel who will become a suspect later in the legal drama.

In a published article in TV Line, Lisa Trammel is about to be indicted after a bank employee died. This will lead Mikey Haller to prove her innocence. Season 2 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is expected to be more exciting and even better.

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