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1940s Animated Film ‘Pinocchio’ Returns on Disney+, Here’s What You Should Know

Pinnochio returns on Disney+. (Photo: The Digital Fix)

The classic tale of ‘Pinnochio’ has finally returned and Disney also released its trailer that gives a glimpse of the new adventure of the wooden puppet.


Pinnochio returns on Disney+. (Photo: The Digital Fix)

‘Pinnochio’ on Disney

The story of ‘Pinnochio’ remains one of the most followed tales internationally. It gained not only the attention of the kids but also the parents because of the lessons it taught. Pinnochio has become an inspiration of all not to lie because it has consequences.

This time, ‘Pinnochio’ returns on Disney+ and will embark on a new adventure to become a real boy, according to a published article in Geeky Gadgets.

The animated movie will be directed by Robert Zemeckis and here are some stars who will voice over the characters in ‘Pinnochio’:

  • Tom Hanks as Geppetto the woodcutter
  • Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the wooden puppet
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt will voice spiritual advisor Jiminy Cricket
  • Cynthia Ervivo will be the Blue Fairy
  • Luke Evans is The Coachman
  • Kyanne Lamaya as Fabiana
  • Giuseppe Battiston as Señor Stromboli
  • Lewin Lloyd as Lampwick

These are just some of the names that we know so far who will be behind the characters in the animated film ‘Pinnochio’. There are fewer details known yet about the movie but for sure this will catch the attention of the viewers.

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What ‘Pinnochio’ Has Achieved So Far?

In 1940, the original release of ‘Pinnochio’ won two Academy Awards for Music. These are Best Original Score and Best Original Song, for “When You Wish Upon a Star,” which has since become a Disney anthem, according to a published article in POLYGON.

Furthermore, Disney+ announced that the new installment of ‘Pinnochio will be on September 8, 2022 which is very timely for Disney Plus Day. On the same day, the company will also make some announcements of its upcoming films.

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