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Stunning Moments During the Jonny Depp, Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stunning moments during the trial. (Photo: People)

An explosive and at times odd evidence on the toxic relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has dominated the trial of the actor against his former wife.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stunning moments during the trial. (Photo: People)

Some Stunning Moments That Captivated the Court Room

Here are some stunning moments during the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial, according to a published article in The Wrap.

Johnny Depp’s Severe Fingertip

At the trial of Dr. David Kipper, the private addiction expert who toured the globe with Depp to film the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean,” it was revealed that Depp had “lost part of a finger” following a violent battle with Heard. As part of a prepared deposition, Kipper said that Depp texted him to indicate that the tip of his fingertip had been cut off in March 2015. Depp was “coherent” when Kipper arrived, but the home was a mess and there looked to be “blood on the wall,” according to Kipper.

An ex-house manager of Johnny Depp testified that he recovered Depp’s lost fingertip in a bloody paper towel near the bar. The head of security for Kipper and Depp, Jerry Judge, took it to the hospital in the hopes that it may be reattached. He then placed it on ice. Before Kipper located the lost finger, King said that Kipper had been “rummaging through a container” in the kitchen hunting for it.

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Mattress Poop

When his relationship with Heard broke down, Depp informed the court he wanted to get his possessions out of their LA apartment. A message from his security officers told him it wasn’t the right time to enter the facility, he claims. When Depp was advised to wait because there was “human fecal matter” on his side of the bed with Heard, he demanded to know why. According to the actor, he received photographic verification of the feces’ presence. “I could only laugh because it was so strange and horrible,” Depp remarked of the experience.

When questioned by Depp, Heard attempted to put the “fecal delivery” on their Yorkies, he said. That’s what he said, anyhow. “The surprise she placed in the boss’s bed before to leaving the apartment” was discussed by Depp’s security, Starling Jenkins, in court. “A horrific practical joke gone bad,” Heard reportedly stated of the feces on Depp’s bed, according to Jenkins.

Appearance of Depp’s Former CAA Agent

In court, Depp’s former CAA agent, Christian Carino, looked to be done addressing his former client’s problems, but he said in response to Heard’s abuse charges that the actor had become unemployed in Hollywood. Depp’s longtime agent, Carino, informed the actor’s managers that the actor’s legal battles were creating a “distraction” for his business, according to Carino, who previously represented Depp. As Carino said in a filmed deposition taken on Jan. 19, 2021: “The general public does not like to hear that persons they look up to are in litigation.”

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