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Death Parade: Is There A Chance For a Season 2 After 6 Years?

Death Parade
Is there a chance for a Death Parade Season 2?(Photo: Anime Tide)

Could there be a Season 2 of the Death Parade if there aren’t any new storylines to follow after it concluded its Season 1?

Death Parade

Is there a chance for a Death Parade Season 2?(Photo: Anime Tide)

What Happened in ‘Death Parade’?

It has been six years since Season 1 came out, therefore the show has mostly fallen out of favor. Death Parade’s lack of prospective narrative lines and the increasing duration of quiet from Madhouse suggest that the show is in fact dead, according to a published article in The Bits News. 

Death parade, a unique anime that allows spectators to participate in activities hosted in the hereafter. Yuzuru Tachikawa wrote, conceived, and directed Death Parade, which Madhouse produced. The short film Death Billiards served as the inspiration for the anime series.

When Death Parade was released, it quickly became one of the most popular anime of the season. The company was compelled to guarantee a second season because of the overwhelming demand from fans. So, when can we expect the release of Death Parade Season 2?

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Is There A Chance For ‘Death Parade’ Season 2?

Season 2 of Death Parade was promised by Madhouse because to the strong demand from fans, and they indicated it will be published in 2016. But after that, there were no more updates on Season 2 from the studio. It said that they are presently dealing with a number of challenges. Death Parade Season 2 has yet to be the subject of any speculations or leaks.

Previously, Madhouse has said that there will be a second season of Death Parade. Since then, there has been no official word about Season 2 of the show. There are a few reasons to wonder whether or not Death Parade will return for a second season.

In a published article in Anime Tide, Death Parade does not have enough material for a second season to be developed. It’s unusual for an anime to be made from a short film, but Death Parade is an exception. Season one of Death Parade had built on the movie’s principles, leaving little room for a sequel. Because there is no current source material for a sequel, the creators may not be able to devote the time and effort necessary for Season 2 of the show.

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