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Big Actors To Star ‘London Files’, Here’s What You Should Know

London Files
'London Files' will have big actors. (Photo: Collider)

While Arjun Rampla will play an important role in this suspenseful series, which revolves on an investigation directed by Sachin Pathak, numerous major actors are expected to appear as part of this cast in this series.

London Files

‘London Files’ will have big actors. (Photo: Collider)

How To Watch ‘London Files’?

For so long, there was optimism in the audience for the recently sensational OTT platform that didn’t get published, yes now or 21 April 2022, and that 2 extremely unique Voot. The digital platform recently released a teaser for the series on social media, revealing a release date of April 21, 2022, exclusively on Voot for the launch of London Files.

Synopsis of ‘London Files’

Because he is a detective, Ohm Singh is tasked with finding Amar Roy’s missing daughter, who is a well-known media figure. By continuing with the tale, Singh intends to find out where Amar is being held by the individuals who kidnapped her, as well as find out how she got there in the first place.

To top it all off, in order to rescue his daughter Amar, the Detective must face challenges from his own history. During the investigation, Ohm Singh discovers Amar as a suspect.

Trailer of ‘London Files’

The London files trailer was published earlier this month. Several million people have already seen the film, which has now racked up 1.75 million views, and we know it will be a phenomenal smash. In order to clear his name, Om Singh learns all there is to know about the case. He then sets out to solve it and locate the person who is very close to Amar Roy’s daughter and is also a suspect.