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Intense Movie ‘The Mulligan’ To Inspire Millions of Family

The Mulligan
'The Mulligan' is set to be released in selected theaters soon. (Photo: YouTube)

Pro-Golfer Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard novel is the basis for the latest film from ReelWorks Studios, starring Eric Close and Pat Boone.

The Mulligan

‘The Mulligan’ is set to be released in selected theaters soon. (Photo: YouTube)

PLOT of ‘The Mulligan’

In THE MULLIGAN, Paul McAllister, an international businessman, whose personal life is in disarray, is shown. In the middle of a charity golf event sponsored by Paul’s firm, he experiences a total breakdown. With the arrival of “The Old Pro,” Paul obtains the motivation he needs to reverse his downward spiral and have his own “do-over,” which is far more about his life than his golf game.

Actor Eric Close writes, “Through the game of golf, I have experienced many of my fondest memories and developed some of my closest friendships. The story of Paul’s salvation via golf and an unusual relationship excites me. Screenwriters Rick Eldridge, Jimmy Hager, Randall Eldridge, and Roland Eldridge adapted THE MULLIGAN from Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard’s book for the big screen.