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Official Trailer of Erotic Drama ‘365 Days: This Day’ Is Finally Released

365 Days: This Day
Erotic drama '365 Days: This Day' trailer is finally released. (Photo: Central Recorder)

Netflix’s sensual drama “365 Days” was a tremendous smash for the streaming giant upon its premiere, hitting the all-important Top 10 list in over 90 countries.

365 Days: This Day

Erotic drama ‘365 Days: This Day’ trailer is finally released. (Photo: Central Recorder)

Sequels of ‘365 Days: This Day’

As a consequence of the film’s success, Netflix has announced plans for two prequels based on the author Blanka Lipiska book series. For a year, Sicilian gangster Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) kidnaps a Polish lady called Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and expects that she would fall in love with him. Though their romance is threatened by the customary mafia drama, they finish up together.

Those who opposed to the original “365 Daystreatment “‘s of Laura’s abduction were outraged by the film’s subsequent release. As a result of an interview about the cinematic version of her work, Lipiska said that she did not necessary defend the material so much as discuss its roots. “365 Days: This Day” will be Netflix’s first sequel to “365 Days.”

Release Date

“365 Days: This Day” premiered on Netflix’s official blog on April 7 with a slew of photographs, story elements, and remarks from those involved in the film’s production. Blanka Lipiska, the author of the “365 Days” book series, tells Netflix that Laura’s narrative is about “how we may be innocent, blind, how much we love, how we learn from our errors and how we have a chance to remedy them.”

Actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who plays Laura, has promised that “this chapter delves considerably deeper and tells us more about the connection between the lovers. The film’s release date was also included in Netflix’s blog post. On April 27, Netflix will show “365 Days: This Day,” the sequel to the first film.