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What To Expect In The ‘Three Busy Debras’ Season 2

Three Busy Debras
'Three Busy Debras' returns for a new season. (Photo: CC Discovery)

Three Busy Debras season two is now available for your viewing pleasure. When it comes to Lemoncurd, there is no one person who can do it better than the Debras.

Three Busy Debras

‘Three Busy Debras’ returns for a new season. (Photo: CC Discovery)

What To Know About ‘Three Busy Debras’

It covers the lives of three Debras, all of whom have a lot on their plates. It aired on Adult Swim in March 2020, starring Mitra Jouhari, Sandy Honig, and Alyssa Stonoha as the three Debras. Upright Citizens Brigade is the sketch comedy organization where the three actresses met, and it was there that the first concept for Three Busy Debras was hatched.

Amy Poehler served as the show’s executive producer, bringing the show to television for the first time. Three Busy Debras pokes fun at suburban living, notably suburban housewives, as well as money and luxury in its quick, 12 to 15-minute episodes.

TIME Magazine termed it “delightfully absurdist,” which sums up the general consensus among critics. Paste Magazine said that the performance reached its targeted target. “It is a joyous, nihilistic farce wrapped around a core of tired indignation that attacks not just suburbia and the media that portrays it, but also the socioeconomic circumstances that produced it. When it seems to be coming too near to a message, it even makes fun of itself.”

Release Date

The second season of the program has yet to be announced. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first series order announcement was made in May of 2018. Paper Kite Productions stated that Amy Poehler will serve as a producer. At the time, Poehler made a statement “Paper Kite is pleased to be a part of the Three Busy Debras’ fight for justice. It’s our aim that you’ll walk away from this presentation with a bizarre new perspective.”

In 2020, the program debuted and broadcast its six episodes weekly, with the season finale airing on May 4, 2020, two years later. Three Busy Debras was renewed just a few weeks later (via THR). With an average audience of 543,000 people tuning in each Sunday to see new episodes, the Adult Swim network felt the renewal was a no-brainer.