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Golf Television Anime ‘Birdie Wing’ Adds New Casts

Birdie Wing
'Birdie Wing' is set to be out soon. (Photo: Anime Corner)

The impending BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Story anime revealed April 5 premiere date, a new PV, and two more cast members. The newly added cast includes Yuko Kaida as Seira Amawashi and Sayaka Kinoshita as Klein Clara.

Birdie Wing

‘Birdie Wing’ is set to be out soon. (Photo: Anime Corner)

Promotional Video of ‘Birdie Wing’

Bandai Namco Pictures’ new original golf television series, Birdie Wing -Golf Girls’ Story-, debuted its whole promotional video on its official website on Friday. There are additional cast members and a release date for the anime, and the opening theme song “Venus Line” by Kohmi Hirose is also previewed in the trailer.

On April 5, the anime will air on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, and TVQ Broadcasting Kyushu. The anime, according to Bandai Namco Pictures, is a narrative about two teenage girls called Eve and Aoi Amawashi who play golf. The two are from radically opposing backgrounds and play styles, yet together they will change the world of golf.

For the anime’s screenplays, you may thank Yousuke Kuroda (My Hero Academia and Mobile Suit Gundam 00) and Takayuki Inagaki (Desert Punk, Rosario + Vampire and Chio’s School Road). composers include Code Geass and Scarlet Nexus’ Kotaro Nakagawa and Hironori Anazawa. Tru Inoue, a professional golf instructor and the coach of the Japan Junior World Golf Championship squad, is in charge of the show’s direction. Bandai Namco Pictures and the Global Golf Media Group are working together to produce the animation.