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Action-Packed Movie ‘Ambulance’ Will Be In Cinemas Around the World Soon

Ambulance, a summer blockbuster starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Michael Bay, is on its way to cinemas in early April.


‘Ambulance’ movie is set to be released in theaters. (Photo: National World)

Release Date of ‘Ambulance’

A number of overseas regions, including the UK and many others, will see the release of Ambulance on March 25th, but only in cinema theaters. Ambulance will be released in the United States on April 8th in cinemas. The planned release date for Ambulance in the United States was February 18, but Bullet Train, a Brad Pitt action film, vacated the date. Ambulance and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will both be released on the same day, April 8.

PLOT of ‘Ambulance’

A single day on the streets of Los Angeles will alter the course of three people’s life. He knows he shouldn’t ask his adopted brother Danny for help, but Will Sharp, a decorated veteran, is desperate for money to pay for his wife’s medical bills and asks Danny for help. Danny, a charismatic career criminal, instead offers him a $32 million bank heist: the largest in Los Angeles history. Will can’t say no when his wife’s life is on the line.

After a botched escape, the brothers kidnap an ambulance with a wounded police officer and an ace EMT on board, in order to flee. When Will and Danny are pursued by the LAPD in a high-speed chase that never stops, they must keep their captives alive, elude a large city-wide law enforcement response, and somehow manage not to murder each other all at once.