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How To Watch The ‘Blood of Zeus’

It’s impossible not to draw a link between current superheroes and the Greek stories of old. After all, they both feature individuals of epic proportions engaged in epic fights with those who aim to damage mankind.

Blood of Zeus

Will there be a new season of ‘Blood of Zeus’. (Photo: Oracle)

Where the ‘Blood of Zeus’ Will Be Streamed?

Blood of Zeus is one of the amazing outcomes of Netflix’s growing interest in adult-targeted animated programming. The epic musical by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides explores a “lost chapter” of Greek mythology, in which Zeus’s illegitimate son Heron aspires to accept his heroism and find his heritage.

Netflix debuted the animated series on October 27th, and it became an international hit. Since the first season was a big success, we’ll have to see what Season 2 brings. For the future season, it’s unclear whether or not it’ll continue. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES.

Release Date, Casts of ‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2

It has shown to be a useful tool for keeping a show’s pace consistent when employed in the context of animation. Despite the anime’s December 29, 2021 launch date, Netflix has yet to say when the second season will be available. The renewal notification has been out for a while now. Averaging a one-year production time, the second season of the anime is expected to be released soon. The anime is expected to return in early 2022 at the earliest.

Derek Phillips, Jessica Henwick, Elias Toufexis and Adam Croasdell are all likely to reprise their roles from the previous season, along with Matthew Mercer for Hermes. There’s no indication yet on who will be joining the cast in the future. His wife Hera (Jennifer Garner) was defended by Zeus (Jason O’Mara) in the season 1 finale (Claudia Christian). Hera was very ill when we last saw her, but she was able to flee. I think she’s figuring out her next move. Resurrection is possible because the gods are immortal in a magical world and can be revived (but more on that later). Basically, fans should not say goodbye to these characters just yet.