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Premiere of ‘Shadowverse Flame’ Finally Revealed!

Shadowverse Flame
'Shadowverse Flame' is coming out!. (Photo: YouTube)

The official website for Cygames, Inc.’s Shadowverse card combat smartphone game announced the first promotional trailer, cast, and visuals for Shadowverse Flame, the second anime in the series, as well as the April 2 debut date on TV Tokyo.

Shadowverse Flame

‘Shadowverse Flame’ is coming out!. (Photo: YouTube)

Shadowverse Flame

The characters in the Shadowverse anime are all anime-exclusive, and the tale is wholly unique. Hiiro Rygasaki, a student at Tensei Academy, is the focus of the show’s first season. Hiiro acquires a weird smartphone after a freak accident. Shadowverse, a popular digital card game, has been loaded on the smartphone. While playing the game, Hiiro makes friends, faces opponents, and competes in tournaments.

In the Shadowverse, Light Tenry and his buddies experience their adolescent years in the second season. Assistant director Naotaka Hayashi has joined the team. Designer Tomoko Miyakawa is known as a “digital pal.” Kuniaki Nemoto has been replaced as art director by Quan Bin Zhong, while Mamio Ogawa has been replaced as art setting by Nobuhito Sue and Shhei Tada.

The monitor visuals are attributed to sankaku.. Keisuke Kawatani and Takahiro Kamiya have been replaced as 3D CG directors by Shinsuke Oshima. Directors of photography Shigeki Asakawa, Yuuta Nakamura, and Asahito Koshiyama have been added. The remainder of the team is back after a one-season hiatus.