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Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series Part 3 is Coming

Part 3 of the “Pokémon Master Journeys” trilogy finally arrives after a lengthy wait. Finally, we have details on the third episode of Pokémon Master Journeys.


What to expect in the ‘Pokemon Master Journeys’. (Photo: Netflix)

What Audience Expect in the ‘Pokemon Master Journeys’?

Pokémon Master Journeys, according to reports, has reverted to its original concept and structure. This occurred after Ash Ketchum had triumphed in Alola’s Pokémon League after several attempts at failure had failed. Ash Ketchum’s goal in the tale is to prove himself as the finest Pokémon trainer in the world, rather than simply collect gym badges in a single Pokémon territory, according to the plot.

To his family, winning the league title was a priority, but he is now playing in a tournament to prove himself to the rest of the globe. Ash is pitted against other trainers of his level in the same class in the World Coronation Series so that his rank rises gradually. Once Ash has risen through the ranks, he will be able to take on more difficult opponents and compete in the world’s finest trainer competition.

Ash teams up with Goh, a rookie trainer, to train for the title of “best trainer” in the series. Goh is Ash’s best friend and co-protagonist throughout the whole game, and he has his own lofty goals. They usually provide a helping hand to one other in times of need. In the next third installment, we’ll explore how they’re keeping their close relationship going.

Release Date of ‘Pokemon Master Journeys’

Netflix will broadcast this show, and it will follow the same structure as Pokémon Journeys: The Series, which the streaming site has confirmed. Throughout the year, Netflix will release new episodes in tiny batches. Netflix’s third and final installment of the Pokémon Master Journey series will be released at the same time, ending the 19-episode gap between the two.

According to Netflix, the show’s premiere date has not yet been announced. There are no plans to release the whole season at once, even if Netflix has established a goal of doing so every quarter. Since the first two parts will be released four months apart, we may predict that part 3 will be released in mid-late spring at the earliest.