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Netflix Reveals the Release Date of ‘Ultraman Season 2’

With the release of a brand new teaser, Netflix has officially announced the release date for Ultraman: The Animated Series Season 2.


release date of ‘Ultraman Season 2’ is finally revealed. (Photo: The Current)

New Anime Series in Netflix

For the sake of better promoting their Tokusatsu properties, Tsuburaya Productions has been growing the number of projects they distribute throughout the globe. This has resulted in collaborations like Netflix’s new anime series, which is a great example of this. The first season (based on the manga by Eiichi Shimizu and illustrator Tomohiro Shimoguchi) was so popular that a second was swiftly announced, and soon fans will be able to view it for themselves!

Following an earlier confirmation that Ultraman Season 2 will debut on Netflix on April 14th as part of its Spring 2022 anime release plan, the streaming service has now released the most complete and up-to-date teaser yet. A trailer for Ultraman Season 2 has been released that includes the new opening theme, “3,” performed by NOILION. You can see it here.

Release Date of ‘Ultraman Season 2’ Confirmed

In addition to the previously announced inclusion of Junichi Suwabe as Alien Pedanto, the release date, opening song, and new trailer have all been confirmed, and now Maaya Sakamoto has been revealed to join the cast as well. Even more fighters will join the roster in season two’s new episodes directed by Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki for production companies SOLA Digital Arts and Production I.G.

You can now watch the first season of Ultraman on Netflix if you want to catch up before the new season debuts. In the anime’s official description, they say: “While it is thought that he returned to his home planet after defeating several huge aliens, the fabled “Giant of Light” has faded into history. As the next Ultraman, Shin Hayata’s son Shinjiro uses his father’s revelation that he was Ultraman and a mysterious talent to confront the aliens encroaching on Earth.”