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Don’t Miss Out To Watch ‘The Contractor’ Next Month

Chris Pine plays a father who goes to extreme lengths to care for his family in The Contractor, a character that takes him out of the comic book world of Wonder Woman.

The Contractor

New action movie to watch this April 1. (Photo: Movie Insider)

Production of ‘The Contractor’

To support his family after being dismissed from the US Special Forces, Chris Pine’s character James Harper (Chris Pine) chooses to join a private construction company with his closest buddy (Ben Foster) and under the supervision of a fellow veteran (Kiefer Sutherland).

The Contractor is another another creation of the Pine/Paramount collaboration (via STX Films). Actor Pine previously worked with the long-time production company on the Star Trek films, which Variety recently reported would grow with Pine in the future.

For now, audiences should get used to calling Pine Special Forces Sergeant James Harper until he returns to the Star Trek world as the great Captain Kirk.

Release Date of ‘The Contractor’

On Friday, April 1, The Contractor will make its formal premiere in cinemas. The initial release date for the film was December 10, 2021, however it has now been pushed back. A date that would have put the film in direct competition with West Side Story and Lucille Ball’s Lucille Ball-inspired film, Being the Ricardos. The Contractor’s debut was originally scheduled on March 18, but it was again postponed until April 1, when it is now officially scheduled to open.

The Contractor will premiere in a restricted number of theaters in the United States, but it will also be accessible on premium video-on-demand services when the film is released. Showtime and Paramount Plus will air the film later this year.