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Official Website Finally Reveals Information About ‘The Dawn of the Witch’

The Dawn of the Witch (Mahtsukai Reimeiki) light novel series by Kakeru Kobashiri will be adapted for television in a new promotional video and new key visual.

The Dawn of the Witch

Information about the ‘The Dawn of the Witch’. (Photo: Anime Ukiyo)

What To Expect in ‘The Dawn of the Witch’

Tezuka Productions’ Dawn of the Witch anime adaptation, based on Kakeru Kobashiri’s light novel, will premiere on television on April 8, 2022. Grimoire of Zero is a fantasy-themed anime that takes place in the same universe as this one. Fans may anticipate a mixture of action, adventure, and humour from the anime. The Dawn of the Witch is an outlier to the isekai genre, while being based on a light book.

Cervil (Saybil), a magic student at the Academy of Magic, is the protagonist of the anime, which takes place in a fantasy world where the Church and the Witches have been at war for 500 years. Former to his admission in the Kingdom of Wenias College of Magic, Cervil had no remembrance of his prior experiences. In light of his poor academic record, the headmaster, Albus, has assigned him a special mission to the southern continents, where anti-magic rebels still exist.

As it stands, Cervil has no alternative but to enroll in the required special course in order to graduate from the Academy of Magic. It was with Hort (Holt) and the Dawn Witch (Roux Crystasse) that they set off on their frantic trek to the south, accompanied by the lone beast Kudd (Kudo).

Release Date

On Friday, April 8, 2022, at 1:58 a.m. JST, the anime Dawn of the Witch will debut. When Kobashiri released The Dawn of the Witch in 2018 at Kodansha, the Ranobe Bunko Imprint, you should know. As a bonus, Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius has been serializing the manga version of the light novel from July 2019.