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Ozark Season 4 Reveals Its Final Episodes! Here’s What You Should Know

There will be a seven-episode finale to Ozark’s fourth and final season on April 29, three months after Netflix premiered Part 1.


More exciting news about Ozark Season 4. (Photo: Radio X)

What To Expect in Ozark Season 4?

Ruth is on the warpath after her cousin Wyatt was brutally murdered, according to showrunner Chris Mundy, who just disclosed this to TVLine. There is no delay in picking up where we left off, said the EP. Because of this, “We would be deceiving everyone if we skipped forward to where we were emotionally at the conclusion of Episode 7.”

The final episodes will also offer closure to the flash-forward automobile catastrophe involving the Byrde family that was previewed in the Season 4 opener. As Mundy indicated back in January, the uncertainty around the actual time of the event was purposeful.

Agent Miller goes rogue and arrests Omar Navarro when the FBI backtracks on its agreement with him. The Byrdes encourage Omar to persuade Javi to sign the same agreement he made with FBI, which would result in Javi’s extradition back to Mexico. Wendy and Marty Byrde Wyatt and Darlene are killed instantly by Javi as he drives to the Langmore-Snell house. Ruth drives to the Byrdes’ home, sees the damage, and confronts them.

More Exciting Scenes in Ozark Season 4

There’s still one more piece to the puzzle. The Navarro cartel is another matter. Javi’s mother seems to be the only character yet to be introduced in Ozark. Veronica Falcón will have a significant part in the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the news in June 2021.

Camila’s situation may go either way. Her first option is to stick by her son and ultimately figure out (and stop) Omar’s plan. Two, she’s aware that Javi isn’t the ideal choice to run the cartel, so she’ll join forces with Omar when he returns to Mexico. The third possibility is that Camila defeats Javi, Omar, and the rest of the Ozarks survivors to take her place as king or queen.