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Final Episodes of ‘Grace and Frankie’: What Should You Know Before Watching

Grace and Frankie
Final episodes of 'Grace and Frankie' is finally revealed. (Photo: Hello Magazine)

“Grace and Frankie,” Netflix’s longest-running series, debuted in 2015 and has now lasted seven seasons. Grace and Frankie’s final episodes will air on April 29.

Grace and Frankie

Final episodes of ‘Grace and Frankie’ is finally revealed. (Photo: Hello Magazine)

A Short Plot in the Final Episodes

To Grace’s dismay, Nick was freed from jail and put under house arrest in the last of the four August episodes. She had hoped he would remain in prison for a few more years. A robbery occurred at the home of Sol and Robert, and Coyote decided to sell his Sacagawea coin in order to pay for a down payment on a property.

Ed Asner, who played Howard, made an appearance in the episode to assist Frankie in removing the chocolates she had purchased with filthy money. Asner passed away soon after the Netflix episode aired.

Background Behind ‘Grace and Frankie’

This series, which stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as Grace and Frankie, was created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris and portrays two very different women who despise each other, even though their husbands are law partners. They become roommates after discovering their spouses have fallen in love and want to divorce them in order to be together, and they quickly overcome their enmity to become best friends who help each other through their personal and professional relationships, as well as their families’ upheaval.

“Grace and Frankie,” Netflix’s longest-running series, debuted in 2015 and has now lasted seven seasons. The show’s seventh and final season, consisting of 16 episodes, was initially scheduled to premiere in 2019. Netflix published the first four episodes of the last season as a surprise in August and said that the remaining episodes will be aired sometime in the future, most likely around the year 2022.

It also features Brooklyn Decker and June Diane Raphael as Grace and Robert’s kids, along with Ethan Embry and Baron Vaughn as Frankie’s children, in addition to Fonda, Tomlin, Sheen, and Waterston. Dolly Parton was revealed as a guest appearance for the show’s final episodes by Netflix last year. Tollin, Tollin’s co-executive producer, along with Robbie Tollin, Hannah KS Canter, Marcy Ross and Paula Weinstein and executive producer Bill Bost are all involved in the series. Skydance Television is behind the show’s creation.