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‘The Weekend Away’: Here’s What You Should Know About the Ending of the Movie

The Weekend Away
Here's what happened 'The Weekend Away'. (Photo: Den of Geek)

The Weekend Away has predictably been pulling viewers in on Netflix with its narrative of a ladies’ holiday gone bad.

The Weekend Away

Here’s what happened ‘The Weekend Away’. (Photo: Den of Geek)

Ending of ‘The Weekend Away’

There are few things in life that compare to the satisfaction of discovering a shocking conclusion to a murder mystery film. There are few things in life more precious than this. Murder mysteries have always been a beloved subgenre, and that popularity has only grown stronger over time. Films like A Simple Favor and Gone Girl have recently satisfied our need for a good detective story. But unfortunately, there will be a lot of misses for every success.

This adaptation of the book by Sarah Alderson stars Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) as new mother Beth, who is spirited away to Croatia by her closest friend, Kate (who just divorced) (played by Christina Wolfe, Batwoman). When Kate goes missing, Beth’s vacation becomes a nightmare.

This is why it’s a little bit of a miracle when a murder mystery comes along that makes you gasp at the final revelation. Miracles like Kim Farrant’s “The Weekend Away” on Netflix are possible. On a weekend getaway in Croatia, best friends Beth and Kat (Christina Wolfe and Leighton Meester) are reunited. Kate is missing to be found the next morning after a night of heavy drinking, and Beth is furious.

The Disappearance

Beth’s search for the killer of her buddy has taken a number of days, but she has now identified the assassin. She believes she does, at any rate. Amar Bukvic’s character, Pavic, is shown to have a history of sexually assaulting women who seek his aid in solving crimes, and the police agency in question has a history of covering up these abuses.

On the night of her death, Kate called the police to report that their hotel room had been robbed. In the film’s final act, Pavic stumbles and falls to his death while trying to grab Beth and blame her for Kate’s murder. When it comes to solving mysteries, this one was a cinch.