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‘Russian Doll’ Season 2: What Should You Know Before Watching the New Season?

Russian Doll
Release date of the most awaited 'Russian Doll' Season 2. (Photo: Dominique Clare)

Russian Doll, one of the finest Netflix Originals of 2019, has been confirmed for a second season that began production in March 2021 after a one-year delay. Russian Doll: Season 2 is coming to Netflix.

Russian Doll

Release date of the most awaited ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2. (Photo: Dominique Clare)

‘Russian Doll’ Season 2

Whatever you had in mind for this year’s 4/20 will likely now include watching the second season of Netflix’s Russian Doll. Nadia Vulvokov’s character, Natasha Lyonne, seems to be returning in the second season of Russian Doll Netflix released this afternoon, but it’s hard to tell what else is going on in the teaser trailer / announcement video.

For Season 2, we’ll jump forward four years to Nadia’s 36th birthday celebration, when she was put into a time loop and repeatedly perished attempting to get free. Nadia seems to be facing a similar situation, although this time in a less sleazy environment, like a metro train.

A time portal in New York City will drive Nadia and Alan to face their history in a process that may be much more difficult – and even more of an existential trip – than the first season of the series.

Release Date and Production of ‘Russian Doll’

Season 2 of Russian Doll will premiere on Netflix on April 20th, 2022! The second season of Russian Doll was supposed to begin production last year, but the coronavirus outbreak halted everything.

Deadline has confirmed that shooting has been postponed until March 2020, however the program is likely to resume production shortly. Six months after its Netflix debut, Russian Doll was officially renewed in June 2019. On celebrate, star Natasha Lyonne posted a video to social media paying respect to the show’s first season.

According to co-creator Leslye Headland, the creative team initially proposed three seasons of Russian Doll to Netflix, so there’s a chance the tale may continue for a long time.