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New Season of One Piece is Coming! What Should You Know Before Watching?

One Piece
One Piece to be streamed on Netflix. (Photo: Business Times)

Fans of anime, rejoice! Eiichiro Oda’s famous One Piece anime series will get new episodes in March 2022, and they will be accessible to view on Netflix.

One Piece

One Piece to be streamed on Netflix. (Photo: Business Times)

Brief of ‘One Piece’ On Netflix

One of the most profitable and well-liked Japanese franchises ever, One Piece. When the manga was first published in July 1997, its popularity swiftly soared, opening the path for the series to be animated. Both the manga and anime have more than 1000 chapters and episodes, respectively.

One Piece will be available on Netflix in the United States for the first time in June of 2020. An online streaming service was made available for both the East Blue and Alabasta sagas For the first time in 21 months, One Piece fans may look forward to new seasons in the near future.

More Series Are Coming

A new season of One Piece has been added to Netflix’s “coming soon” page and on the One Piece website. The East Blue and Alabasta Sagas were made accessible to view when Netflix first obtained numerous seasons of One Piece.

Sky Island and Water 7 are the next two sagas in One Piece, although Netflix is not certain to get both. They’re not considered as one season since sagas are divided up into many seasons instead of one extended season. This does not mean we cannot expect to see Thriller Bark and Summit War on Netflix in the future. The problem is that this would be an unprecedented quantity of anime episodes being added to Netflix’s US collection at once.