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The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2: Things You Should Know Before Watching

Anime series “The Demon Girl Next Door” (abbreviated as “TDGND”) tells the story of a teenage schoolgirl who wakes up one morning to learn that she’s a demon.

The Demon Girl Next Door

Things you should know before watching The Demon Girl Next Door. (Photo: Anime Trending)

Short Background

Little devil horns and charming tails, and even a chance to practice magic, await her. Her enemy is much more powerful than she is, and she must kill him if she hopes to free herself and her family from the demon curse. As a result, she shows compassion for her demonic classmate and offers to assist her improve her abilities.

After some shocking disclosures, the first season concluded on a bit of a cliffhanger. If Yuko succeeds in defeating her opponent and saving her family, there will be at least one more season for fans to enjoy.

Good and Bad News About ‘The Demon Girl Next Door’

Fans of “The Demon Girl Next Door” are well aware that Season 1 of the program has not shown any new episodes in quite some time. The first season’s last episode aired on HIDIVE on September 26th of this year. That’s a roughly two-year gap at this point. Sadly, the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 will widen much more before fans can see it, particularly those in the United States.

TDGND will return for Season 2 in April 2022, according to the Japanese website Anime!Anime! (which was then republished for English readers on Tokyo Otaku Mode). Despite the fact that there’s no official release date yet, they’ll have plenty of time to choose the ideal one. The second season will premiere on TBS, according to Anime!Anime! TBS stands for Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc., not the U.S. Turner Broadcasting System if you’re not an avid anime watcher and are attempting to tune in from North America.