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Spoiler Alert! The Rising Shield Season 2

The Rising of the Shield
The Rising of the Shield is back for Season 2. (Photo: The Teal Mango)

Fans of The Rising of the Shield Hero anime were sad to learn that season 2 was postponed, but luckily a new release date has been determined!

The Rising of the Shield

The Rising of the Shield is back for Season 2. (Photo: The Teal Mango)

The Rising Shield Season 1

Anime fans were left wondering when the second season of “The Rising of the Shield Hero” will be released after the first season ended in 2019. To their relief and joy, the film’s premiere isn’t far away. Dark fantasy light book series by Aneko Yusagi inspired the isekai anime.

As one of the Cardinal Heroes of another universe, Naofumi Iwatami has been given the Legendary Shield as a weapon, and the story revolves on him. One of his many duties is to face wave after wave of vicious creatures known as Cardinal Heroes. But when Naofumi is unjustly accused of sexual assault by his girlfriend and stolen of his valuables, things take a turn for the worse for him. Naofumi spends a lot of time throughout the series attempting to not only defeat Waves, but also to repair his image in the eyes of the general public.

Release Date of ‘The Rising Shield’ Season 2

After months of speculation, the release date for “The Rising of the Shield Hero” was finally announced, but it wasn’t long before a Season 2 or 3 confirmation was made. A panel for the series was held at Crunchyroll Expo 2019 when it was revealed that Seasons 2 and 3 of the anime series will be coming, however no dates were provided for either season at the time of the panel. At Crunchyroll’s 2020 Virtual Expo, it was confirmed that Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2021, after Season 1.

In March of this year, the “Kadokawa Expo 2020” stated that Season 2 would be released in October 2021, narrowing the release window even more. Following a further tweet from Crunchyroll who would be streaming Season 2 in the US, the October release date was further confirmed, however a precise day in the month was not provided. After that update, it was revealed that Season 2 had been pushed back to 2022, which left fans enraged. In July 2021, it was the latest.