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Spoiler! Platinum End: How Will It End?

Platinum End, the long-awaited new series from Death Note creators Tsugumi and Takeshi Obata, has produced yet another mysterious mystery that has captivated audiences all over the globe!

Platinum End

Spoiler Alert! How does Platinum End end? (Photo: CBR)

How Does the Platinum End End?

Over the last several months, a number of god contenders have appeared and been removed, and now Platinum End’s end is in sight! The ending of Mirai’s narrative has already been revealed to many viewers, since the plot is based on the Platinum End Manga series from Japan.

This story ends with no God being created from the ashes of Mirai Kakehashi’s life. Fans of Mirai, however, may take heart in the fact that this isn’t a terrible thing. For those who are still alive and able to do so, when the new god is chosen, the world’s memory of this contest is erased. The show’s protagonists, Mirai and Saki, get married and create a flower store, realizing their dreams.

Shuuji Nakaumi, an alternate God candidate, is ultimately selected over Mirai. Like Mirai, Shuuji is a reserved individual who is first opposed to the concept of becoming God. After a while, the plot narrows the options down to two: Mirai or Shuuji. Ultimately, Shuuji decides to accept the post. Shuuji is watching Mirai and Saki’s new existence on Earth from his new vantage point above.