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Classroom of the Elite Season 2: Things You Should Know Before Watching

After a long absence, it seems that the blockbuster anime Classroom of the Elite is merely biding its time. However, a recent report from the Lerche team suggests that a new season is imminent.

Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite id back for Season 2. (Photo: The Tech Education)

‘Classroom of the Elite’ Is Back

Nothing about “Classroom of the Elite” is finished, so be ready for a spectacular return! An official tweet from the anime’s Twitter account announced the news of a second season. Since Shogo Kinugasa’s series was addressed in 2017 with season one, this will be the first Classroom of the Elite adaptation.

In March, further information regarding the continuation will be made available to fans. It’s time for an anime-focused presentation from Kadokawa that will discuss forthcoming projects including Classroom of the Elite. So mark March 6th on your calendars if you want to see anime stars Shoyachiba and Yurika Kubo, who will be attending.

If you’ve never heard of Kinugasa’s Classroom of the Elite, it premiered in May of that year. Over six million copies of the Kadokawa IP have been sold since the series started as a series of light novels. The show’s first season was well-received by fans, however some were taken aback by the adjustments it made to the first few books in the Classroom of the Elite series. Season two, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to restore the anime’s reputation among its devoted following.

Synopsis of the ‘Classroom of the Elite’

It is believed that 100% of students at Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School move on to college or work after graduation. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji has recently started classes at the school. Class 1-D, on the other hand, has all of the school’s troublemakers, and here is where he finds up.

What’s more, every month, the school pays pupils with 100,000 yen worth of points, and the courses allow students to converse, sleep, and even sabotage during class time. This information is learned one month later by Ayanokoji, Horikita, and Class D’s classmates.