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Sweet Magnolias: Everything You Need To Know About the New Season

Fans of Sweet Magnolias were left with more questions than answers after the dramatic season 2 conclusion.

Sweet Magnolias

Everything you need to know about Sweet Magnolias. (Photo: Glamour)

Will There Be A Season 3?

Your heart must be in the right place. Netflix hasn’t announced that the show will return for a third season, but it seems to be a foregone conclusion. Just a few days after its season 2 premiere, Sweet Magnolias became Netflix’s most popular program in the US. As a result, Serenity fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode!

Casts of Sweet Magnolias Season 3

This means the original Sweet Magnolias cast will be back for season 3 unless something unexpected happens. There is, of course, a chance that some newcomers may show up in town. Remember, this is all about Serenity!

Premiere of Sweet Magnolias Season 3

The third season of Sweet Magnolias is yet to be released on Netflix due to a delay in the second season’s release. The cast will be posting updates on shooting as soon as possible!

Mystery Behind Serenity

Serenity may appear and feel like a real place, but it’s just as imaginary as the show’s plot. Sheryl Anderson was inspired by her trips to Sumter, South Carolina, a little town in the center of the Palmetto State, to create the small-town atmosphere of Serenity.

Place Where Sweet Magnolias Was Filmed

Unbeknownst to me, the program isn’t even shot in my own state! In the end, they chose the little town of Covington, Georgia (population 14,000), after investigating possibilities in big Southern towns like Baton Rouge and Charleston.