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$3,200 or 3 Stimulus Checks Are Still To Be Claimed By Eligible Americans

Stimulus Check
3 Stimulus Checks are still to be claimed. (Photo: Marca)

The US government handed out three federal stimulus checks in 2020 and 2021 to assist millions of low- and medium-income Americans cope with the economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stimulus Check

3 Stimulus Checks are still to be claimed. (Photo: Marca)

3 Stimulus Checks

In April 2020, there was a $1,200 check, a $600 check in December 2020, and a $1,400 check in March 2021. However, not everyone was able to get the money they were entitled to. Also, stimulus checks that were due to recipients who had died remained unclaimed.

What to do if a family member has passed away and you are receiving stimulus money from the government? The IRS has provided some advice. A deceased spouse or family member’s benefits might still be claimed by their heirs. However, there are two critical considerations.

Conditions To Claim the 3 Stimulus Checks

The first requirement is that this individual must have been eligible for the stimulus check while they were alive and that they were still alive when the stimulus check was sent out. The stimulus checks for 2021 would not have been paid to anybody who died in 2020.

Remember that you may only collect on a dead person’s debt once. When a check is already in the hands of one of your children, you won’t be able to request a resend from that child’s bank. For stimulus checks that haven’t been claimed, the IRS has FAQs on the topic, and one of them deals with the problem of deceased persons who were eligible for stimulus payments.