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‘Space Force’ Season 2: Why Should You Watch?

With a lackluster critical reception, Netflix’s self-reported metrics show that “Space Force” still had an impact on many people.

What To Expect?

Maybe you were one of them. You may have enjoyed the show more than the rest of the audience. Especially John Malkovich proved charming and well worth your time in every 30 minutes. Your enthusiasm for seven more episodes has already been piqued; you may be a little miffed that they didn’t produce a full 10-episode Season 2.

Space Force is a story worth following regardless of your feelings toward it. To ensure they wouldn’t have to give up their streaming rights to “The Office,” Netflix worked on a new original series based on the show’s core cast. The formula that produced the NBC hit, starring Steve Carell in a Greg Daniels office comedy, is technically the same, even if the numbers don’t add up. Reaction to Season 2’s premiere will tell us if “Space Force” was a costly failure or a comedy worth further development.

Casts and Released Date

The ‘Space Force’ is trying to secure the moon as a base, and the action is being followed by Steve Carell’s General Mark R Naird, John Malkovich’s Dr Adrian Mallory, and Ben Schwartz’s social media director F Tony Scarapiducci. Other characters include Jane Lynch, Tawny Newsome, Jimmy O Yang, Lisa Kudrow, and Diana Silvers.

The launch date for Season 2 was announced on Instagram, with the caption: “They can’t even be held down by gravity. The Space Force will be back on February 18th.” While it isn’t very original, the character carousel keeps the action and conversation going, and it will help distract you from the hellscape that is the new normal, which we’re all still adapting to.