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Inventing Anna: Why You Should Watch This True-To-Life Story?

Inventing Anna
A true to life story movie 'Inventing Anna' you should not miss. (Photo: Finance Rewind)

Anna Sorokin — alias Anna Delvey — was convicted in 2019 for fraud in which she purported to be an heiress with a $60 million inheritance. Her life is the subject of the Shonda Rhimes-produced Netflix limited series “Inventing Anna.”

Inventing Anna

A true-to-life story movie ‘Inventing Anna’ you should not miss. (Photo: Finance Rewind)

What’s the New Show All About?

Shonda Rhimes’ fingerprints may be seen on Bridgerton, Station 19, and For the People as a producer. Since Scandal in 2012, she hasn’t developed a show of her own, but that changes with Inventing Anna. New York magazine writer Jessica Pressler’s iconic real tale is the basis for the limited series, which is a flashy and hard-boiled drama.

Actress Julia Garner stars in Ozark as Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin), an affluent New York City party thief. She ends up defrauding friends and companies of $275,000 via brazen deception. A reporter (Ana Clumsky) interviews her from prison, and the two form a strange love-hate connection as Anna’s trial progressed.

What To Expect in the ‘Inventing Anna’?

The whole plot is based on actual events, as Netflix teases in their synopsis. Only the sections are completely made up. That series will recount the narrative of socialite con artist Anna Delvey, who relocated to New York pretending to be an heiress, but will undoubtedly make up situations and language for our amusement is crystal evident from this teaser teaser