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Manifest’s Spoiler Alert Season 4: Here’s What You Should Know!

Manifest, the Netflix series about a missing aircraft, is returning for a fourth season after being canceled and the subject of many fan campaigns. The passengers of Flight 828, who had been assumed dead for five and a half years, are the subject of a new television series. All of them were the same age when they returned, but they had gained the ability to hear Callings, which allowed them to rescue people and each other.


Some spoilers of the Manifest Season 4. (Photo: Daily Research Plot)

Important Things You Should Know About Manifest

20 Episodes

This season’s fourth will be a “super-sized” one with 20 episodes, according to reports from THR. However, this is more than most Netflix series have for a season, which is understandable given the show’s initial six-season ambition. There is no word yet on how the episodes will be divided, although it seems probable that the first and second halves would each have merely 10 episodes. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Season 1 has 16 episodes, whereas Seasons 2 and 3 have just 13 each.

Some Casts Will Not Be Returning

Two cast members will not be returning, despite the fact that they have legitimate reasons for not doing so. There will be no return of Athena Karkanis and Jack Messina, who was killed in the Season 3 finale when Grace Stone was stabbed to death and Cal returned 5 12 years later after touching the Tailfin. Messina even took to social media to wish his former coworkers and family on the show well in the forthcoming season. Despite the departure of two of the show’s biggest stars, the final season will include some new faces.

New Regular Casts

Athena Karkanis and Jack Messina are both departing the show, thus two actors have been elevated. After three seasons of recurring roles as NSA Director Robert Vance, actor Daryl Edwards has been promoted to series regular. Ty Doran, who played Cal in the last moments of Season 3, will take over Messina’s role as Cal. Because of this, they’ll play a greater role in Season 4, and with the truth about Flight 828 growing closer, anything is possible now.