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Taylor Swift Fans Call the Singer To Pull Her Music in Spotify

Swift urged a slew of well-known musicians, including Madonna and Adele, to follow suit in a series of tweets.

Taylor Swift

Fans urge Taylor Swift to pull out her music in Spotify. (Photo: Glamour)

Fans Urge Taylor Swift To Pull Out Her Music in Spotify

For their brave leader Taylor Swift, the Swifties are coming out in support of other artists who are denouncing Spotify’s handling of the Joe Rogan and Neil Young fight, according to a recently published news article in FOX News.

Following the announcement by Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren that they would also be pulling their songs off Spotify, Swift was urged to do the same by Swift’s manager. The likes of Madonna and Adele were among the stars Swift urged to follow suit in a series of tweets she sent out.

It was also reported Tuesday that Graham Nash and India Arie would be removing their songs off the site, as well. In a statement to Fox News Digital, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young bandmate Nash explained how the information on “The Joe Rogan Experience” prompted him to make his choice.

Spotify CEO and Founder Released a Statement

“Our objectives are entirely aligned with yours,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stated at the time, claiming the platform was “getting fans to pay for music again.” 2017 saw the reintroduction of Swift’s songs to the platform, as well as her criticism of Apple Music.

Rogan is one of the most well-known faces on the streaming service, with a deal worth up to $100 million. Earlier this week he posted a video in which he defended the credentials of some of the more contentious guests he’s had on recently, particularly those who talked about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations. Also on the heels of Spotify’s announcement, COVID-19 related material will be marked with a disclaimer.