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Reality Star Farrah Abraham Slaps A Security Guard Arrested, Leaves California

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham leaves California after being arrested due to an altercation. (Photo: Page Six)

Following her recent arrest at a Los Angeles nightclub, reality star Farrah Abraham is said to be departing the state of California.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham leaves California after being arrested due to an altercation. (Photo: Page Six)

Farah Abraham Slapped a Security Guard

In a recently published article in FOX News, after a confrontation with another attendee, a security officer instructed Abraham to leave the club, and a member of the Los Angeles Police Department verified to a news outlet that Abraham was the target of a private person’s arrest earlier this month.

This event, Abraham argues, has had a profoundly detrimental effect on her and she is suing the club’s personnel. On Saturday in Hollywood, while purportedly loading her belongings into a U-Haul, she told another celebrity news site that she was fleeing the state because she was furious over being arrested and physically assaulted.

It has also been stated that she has lost physical function on her upper right side and that she is afraid to go out in public as a result of the trauma she suffered as a result, according to a report published in TMZ.

Abraham’s Lawyer Released a Statement

The security guards of Grandmaster Records in Los Angeles used undue physical force on Abraham, according to a statement from her lawyer released. The statement reads “Our preliminary investigation appears to indicate that Ms. Abraham was unlawfully arrested in this case by the security staff at Grandmaster Recorders for an act that she did not commit.”

Her lawyer also mentioned that it seems that their personnel used undue force in detaining her, inflicting substantial bodily, emotional, and mental traumas on top of the illegal detention.

Needless to say, a video of Abraham’s struggle with a security officer was posted on Instagram, showing her on the ground with the guard on top of her. That original fight was orchestrated by others, she said.