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Biden Administration To Exert Pressure on Russia Amid the Escalating Tension of Invasion in Ukraine

The Biden administration is scrambling to exert pressure on Russia in the face mounting worries of a Russian military entry into Ukraine.

Tension between the Two global Powers continues

The Biden Administration has been warning for the past week that Russia may strike Ukraine at any time. However, a flurry of events in recent days suggests that officials are aware of a growing threat from Moscow.

Officials from the US Department of State confirmed to CBS News that the Biden administration gives clearance to several NATO countries. This clearance is to transfer emergency shipments of US-made weapons to Ukraine, including anti-tank missiles, to bolster the country’s defenses.

Meanwhile, Russia was sending military hardware and troops into Belarus – a close Russian ally that shares borders with Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland – in preparation for military exercises in February.

According to the latest report of CNN News, the latest intelligence assessment released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Russia has deployed over 127,000 troops near Ukraine. This includes 21,000 air and sea personnel, transferred more Iskander operational-tactical missiles to the border.

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Russia’s Unpredictable Plans

According to the recent news of The Hill, Putin’s next move is unknown, as is whether he plans to invade Ukraine or use the threat of military action as a bargaining chip. Some experts believe a military invasion is more than likely, while others believe Putin would use cyberattacks, disinformation operations, and other non-military means to achieve his goals.

Furthermore, Mr. Biden said on Wednesday that he doesn’t believe Putin wants a “full-fledged war,” but that he expects him to put the US and NATO’s resolve to the test as much as possible. Also, President Putin of Russia warns the United States and its allies that an invasion will result in both economic and military losses for his country.

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