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$500 Stimulus Check To Be Given To Selected Americans as a Boosted Refund

Georgia’s taxpayers would receive a $250 to $500 tax credit, according to the governor’s proposal.

Boosted Refund for eligible claimants.

Boosted Refund Under State Proposal

Many people believe that many state agencies are underfunded in comparison to pre-pandemic levels, therefore his plan is unlikely to gain traction. Education and health care have both been slashed from the budget. Some see his proposal as a way to boost his popularity ahead of his re-election campaign. Governor Kemp wants his government to give single taxpayers a $250 rebate.  Joint filers may be eligible for a $500 tax credit.

Details are still being worked out, according to a representative for the Governor’s Office, but the proposed tax refund would be voted on by the General Assembly. The government will receive direction from the Department of Revenue on how to proceed with the additional tax refunds, according to the spokeswoman. “I believe that surplus monies should be returned to the hardworking men and women who keep our state functioning since it is your money, not the government,”  Kemp said.

Proposed Tax Refund

When budgets appeared to have steadied, the state restored around $648 million to the education budget. Tax refunds would be paid out of the extra receipts in the fiscal year 2022. The budget surplus, according to state Rep. Josh Mclaurin ( D- Sandy Springs), could have gone toward chronically underfunded areas like education and healthcare, which took a hit during the pandemic. Due to the impact of COVID-19, Georgia lawmakers expenditure by 10% while creating the budget for the 2021 fiscal in the summer of 2020.

Democrats will always support putting money in the hands of working people who know what needs they have, McLaurin added. However, this appears to be an election- trick; there is a slew of objectives that the state has been ignoring, so doing a short rebate rather than dealing with those issues head-on seems reckless.

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