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US Officials Believe Russia Jailed a Hacker Link To Cyberattack in Colonial Pipeline

One of the hackers recently jailed in Russia, according to a top Biden administration official, was responsible for the major Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack last year.

Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

Detained Hackers was the Mastermind Behind the Attack on the Colonial Pipeline last Spring

We deeply understand that one of the people arrested today was involved in the attack against Colonial Pipeline last spring, “a senior administration official said. on conferences call with reporters. The Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB, announced earlier Friday that it had raided Revil ransomware gang residence and arrested 14 of its members.

Following a series of high-profile ransomware assaults including the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, US officials have urged to take steps to punish criminal hackers operating within its borders.

The announcement was attributed to President Joe Biden House Democratic campaign arm outraises GOP counterpart in the final quarter of 2021 Putin’s ‘Brezhnev Doctrine involving Ukrain could backfire rising inflation diplomacy and the channel to he established and the work that is underway, according to the senior administration official.

The Arrest Come Amid Rising Tension Between the United States and Russia

The arrests are an unusual example of collaboration between Russia and the United States at a time when tension is high over Russian forces massing near Ukraine’s border. According to those familiar with the conversation, the US is exerting pressure on Europe to agree on protective conversation sanctions amid fears that President Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine soon. Russia denies any intention of invading its neighbor.

Furthermore, the heightened tension between the United States and Russia or Moscow’s deployment of 1000,000 troops to Ukraine’s Border raised fear of a military invasion. If Russia invades Ukraine, the Biden administration has warned of dire consequences.

During a news briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said ” The United States and its friends and partners are worried about this cyberattack, and the president has been briefed.” We have also reached out to Ukraine and offered our support while the country investigates the tragedies and their causes as well as heals.