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US, Russia Set To Hold Strategic Conversation Amid Tension Over Ukraine

Biden and Putin
The United States and Russia will sit for talks amid rising tensions centered on Ukraine.(Photo: NBC News)

The United States and Russia will sit for talks amid rising tensions centered on Ukraine.

 A Prospects dim as US and Russia prepares to talk over Ukraine's issue (Photo TimesofIndia)

The United States and Russia will sit for talks amid rising tensions centered on Ukraine.

The United States and Russia’s Talk With Ukraine

The bleak prospects of the Russian invasion over Ukraine and a certain broader post-Cold War European stability will be the top agenda of the United States and Russia as they will talk over to hold a strategic conversation that could help shape the future of not only their relationship but also the relationship between the U.S. and its NATO allies.

In Addition, Monday will be full of series with high levels of discussion that get underway from a petition of festering but largely unrelated disputes, ranging from arms control to cybercrime and diplomatic crises, for Washington and Moscow to overcome its pressure. Additionally, the Russian army was deployed in Kazakhstan and managed to pull out a cast shadow over to the whole exercise.

On Saturday, U.S. officials reveal some particular administration’s stance, that seems like it directs to fell well short of Russian demands. The officials said that the U.S. is open for discussions with the issue of reducing possible future deployments of missiles in Ukraine and setting limits on American and NATO military exercises in Eastern Europe if Russia is willing to back off on Ukraine.

Moreover, if Russia will still intervene in Ukraine. they will face an economic crisis. The US might implement some penalties including significant restrictions on products exported from the U.S. to Russia like foreign-made products subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

Russia plans to seal a deal, to begin with, formal binding security that provides guarantees to pledge that NATO will no further expand eastward and the removal of the U.S. army and weapons from parts of Europe. Furthermore, the U.S. and allies claim that those are non-starters purposely designed by Moscow to divert and divide the attention. They insist that any Russian military intervention in Ukraine will cause “huge consequences” that will badly disrupt Russia’s economy even if they have global ripple effects.

Blinken Calls Russia a “Gaslighting”

Antony Blinken the Secretary of State defined Russia as a “gaslighting” and mounted a full-scale fabrication maneuver to blame Ukraine, NATO, and particularly the United States for the current pressure and undercut Western unity. Blinken said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to perform a war on the truth that ignores Russia’s own provocative and destabilizing effect over the past decade.

Blinken also said on Friday that the Russians are just eyeing to challenge the international structure and unravel the trans-Atlantic alliance, crumble the integrity to fail. Moreover, going through a list of displeasure Russian activity ranging from military intervention in Ukraine and Georgia to chemical weapons attacks on Putin critics to election interference in the U.S. and elsewhere, cybercrime and support for dictators.

Blinken was not confident whether the talks were prospects for success. Thus, it escalate with the U.S. and allied efforts to establish a common position on both the warnings and the “severe costs” to Russia if it moves against Ukraine.  However, last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, that leads Russia’s promising talks at Geneva across from U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, said that it will abruptly turn clearer whether the talks could be productive.

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