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Federal Agencies To Send Letters, Possible Suspensions To Unvaccinated Federal Workers

President Biden’s vaccine mandates will be on Federal agencies’ new strict measurements against unvaccinated employees.

 Federal Government Agencies are Implementing Biden's Vaccine Mandate for the Unvaccinated Employees(Photo TheHill)

President Biden’s vaccine mandates will be on Federal agencies’ new strict measurements against unvaccinated employees.

Strict Measurements Against Unvaccinated Employees

The White House ordered agencies to implement harsher penalties until after the new year and to focus on education and counseling for those who had not complied with the vaccine mandate last November. The agencies can move forward with firm measurements at their discretion according to the office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Other agencies are already planning to send a letter warning of a possible suspension of termination for the employees who are not yet vaccinated. Some are also terminating employees if failure to follow the rules, though this is a strategy to move further down the road. Moreover, it was reported on Fox News that a U.S. Navy was relieved of duty for refusal to get tested for COVID-19 and get the vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal workers is a cornerstone of Biden’s coronavirus reciprocates. The federal workers to comply with the mandate was Nov. 24 in the deadline date, and about 92 percent out of the 3.5 million employees working for the federal government had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Friday, the Supreme Court’s conservative members remain to be skeptical about Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine-or-test mandate for private sector businesses with 100 or more employees raise the question of whether the administrator has the legal authority for the policy they implemented.

Other Government Employees are already Vaccinated

The purpose of the mandates is to help lessen the spread of the virus in the workstations and avoid severe hospitalization. White House and the Department of Education both achieved full compliance, making the first agencies able to address accordingly. Approximately 3,900 workers for the Department of Education received at least one dose of a vaccine or have a subject for approval except for the vaccine mandate. The department was able to accomplish a 97 percent of vaccination rate, which compromise the fully vaccinated.

Some other agencies agreed with the mandates as they saw success in making unvaccinated workers get the shot by the end of the year. The Social Security Administration achieved a 98.9 percent compliance rate and 91.5 vaccination rate compared with November a 95 percent compliance rate, and 87.7 percent vaccination rate.

The Department of Agriculture’s permanent employees are already making a move to address the protocol, several employees are already facing counseling and potentially more extreme measurements.