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Health Tips for a Healthy Heart and Life This 2022

Every year, a new year’s resolution is made to guide people to the goals they want to achieve in the new year. It is a time of reflecting the positive changes, such as making good decisions for one’s health for a healthier and happier life throughout the year. Here are some tips to achieve this goal and make change a regular and enjoyable part of life.


eating habits

Improving eating habits this 2022 for a healthier heart and life. (PHOTO: Domepitipat/ iStock / Getty Images Plus)

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Get Vaccinated and Continue Following Health Protocols

Lifestyle online magazine Community Voice emphasized the health benefits of getting vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine and getting a booster shot. More so, wearing face masks as well as practicing regular handwashing and physical distancing will greatly help in preventing viral transmission. But they said that carefully starting to engage in social interactions will be good for mental health.

Manage Stress

The online magazine also listed stress management as one of the goals to make this 2022. They noted that despite the world is growing more and more difficult due to recent advancements in technology and civilization as a whole, people should not forget to make time for rest and sleep.

Also, it is advisable to always keep an active lifestyle through exercise, dancing, singing, meditation, yoga, and music to relieve stress in work, family, or anything. It will also do good for both physical and mental to pick an uplifting joyous attitude every morning to uplift their spirits.

Eat Healthy, Balanced Diet

Eating healthy means eating a balanced diet, which is a combination of reasonable portions of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Most nutritionists recommend having a plant-based diet because it gives optimum health.

Meanwhile, news outlet ABP Live reported that oily and salty ultra-processed food should be avoided as well as soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Pastries can also increase blood sugar levels, so it is best to eat them in moderation. Experts also recommend foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

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