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$8,000 Stimulus Checks To Be Given To Some Americans, Here’s Who Qualify

Stimulus Check
$8,000 Stimulus Check to be distributed to some parents. (Photo: CNBC)

The Internal Revenue Service began distributing the sixth batch of direct payments for the enhanced Child Tax Credit in mid-December, but some of those parents may be eligible for a payment of up to $8,000 in 2022.

Stimulus Check

$8,000 Stimulus Check to be distributed to some parents. (Photo: CNBC)

$8,000 Stimulus Payments To Some American Parents

In a recently published article in Diario As en, the extra money is available to parents who have an adjusted gross income of less than $125,000 and at least two children under the age of 13 at the time of application. To help families offset the costs of raising children, the tax benefit is known as the child and dependent tax credit was established.

When Congress approved the $1.9 trillion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in March, the Child Tax Credit program was extended to include direct monthly payments for the first time. In any case, Congress must authorize an extension by December 28 in order for the monthly payments to continue through that date.

IRS announced, “The credit is calculated based on your income and a percentage of expenses that you incur for the care of qualifying persons to enable you to go to work, look for work, or attend school,” Up to $8,000 is available in the new year for expenditures such as babysitters, transportation, housekeeping and day camps or childcare in addition to pre-and post-school activities. Also, it may help a disabled family member get by.

Importance of Tax Filing in 2022

President Biden’s Build Back Better bill, a legislative package that includes a one-year extension for the enhanced Child Tax Credit, has been the subject of congressional debate for months. Child Tax Credit beneficiaries will still be able to claim a tax credit in 2022, regardless of whether or not the extension is granted.

Children under the age of five are receiving $300 a month from the IRS, while those ages six to 17 are receiving $250 a month. The ARP supplied a full year’s worth of the increased program in the first six months of July-December monthly payments.

Expanded Child Tax Credit: The remaining six months will be a single year-end tax credit that may be claimed on your taxes in 2022. There is still a tax credit for parents worth up to $1,800 per kid that might lower or boost their tax payment or refund in 2021.