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$30,252 Stimulus Fund Granted, Find Out If You Qualify

In an attempt to assist local companies and NGOs recover from COVID-19, Kingwood granted seven awards totaling $30,252.53 from federal stimulus funds.

 Kingwood Giveaways Stimulus Money, Totaling $30,252

For the remaining $19,747.47 in the program, applications are currently being accepted for the second round of awards. At City Hall, applications are available, with monies from the American Rescue Plan Act, the City of Kingwood set aside $50,000 for the program. Applicants may be eligible for a cash prize of up to $5,000. A total of ten applications were submitted, with seven of them being funded.

The Grant Guidelines

The grant guidelines have a rule that stipulated for the applicant must have been in business since January 2020. Karen Kurilko of Kingwood, who proposed the program and sits on the committee that reviews applications, wondered if the deadline could be pushed back.

Childs Feed and Supply was awarded $5,000; Down Home Diner was awarded $5,000; Incredible Creations was awarded $2,500; Kingwood Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $5,000; Russ’ Ribs was awarded $5,000; St. Sebastian Catholic Church was awarded $5,000, and the Society for the Preservation of McGrew House was awarded $2,752.53.

However, the applicants that were not funded either did not follow the grant’s requirements, such as when they started their firm or did not submit all of the needed documents. Those who got less than $5,000 received exactly what they asked for. Moreover, Mayor Jean Guillot said the applicant would have to have been in operation before COVID-19 hit.

The Effect of Covid-19 Towards Businesses

According to Councilwoman Tina Turner, who also serves on the review committee, COVID didn’t strike hard until March or April 2020, shutting down companies. Because one of the candidates opened just after the January 2020 deadline, he was refused a grant.

As for Councilman Mike Lipscomb,  he+9 stated that the federals proceeded by the same procedure as  “to acquire any federal money.” then Kurilko said she will look into it and report back at the next council meeting. Bill Robertson