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Breast Cancer: Expert Identifies Easily Manageable Risk Factors to Reduce Risk of Developing the Disease

Breast cancer could be caused by various factors, such as genetics and the environment. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than two million people were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, and around 685,000 died globally. More so, the UN health agency said that 1 in 12 women will likely develop the disease in their lifetime.


stages of breast cancer

Stages of breast cancer. (PHOTO: inviTRA)


Manageable Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

Knowing and understanding the risk factors for breast cancer may prevent developing the disease and recurrence among breast cancer patients. Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh, a specialist in breast surgery, recently released a book about the risk factors of breast cancer in which she explored the causes, effects, and preventive measures of breast cancer.

The Health Site reported that the book aims to create mass awareness about the deadly disease. In the book, she discussed that factors like vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency are one of the manageable risk factors of breast cancer.

Others include excessive weight gain, a sedentary lifestyle, too much consumption of processed foods and hormone-enriched milk products, and a weak immune system. She also explained in her book the correlation of these risk factors that have proven to cause a massive hormonal imbalance.

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 How to Prevent Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, there is no sure way to prevent cancer although there are things that can be done to lower the risk. This can be helpful for women with certain risk factors of developing the illness, such as a strong family history or gene changes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend taking care of the health through keeping a healthy weight, exercising regularly, avoiding alcoholic beverages, and changing lifestyles that increase the risk of breast cancer. This will help improve the chances of surviving cancer if it occurs.

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