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America is Not Intimidated by China’s Military ‘Formidable Challenge’

China is expanding military advancements, including the test of a hypersonic weapon system but the U.S is not intimidated at all.

 China's Military formidable challenge but U.S. is not looking for an Asian version of NATO': Lloyd Austin (photo patabook)

China is expanding military advancements, including the test of a hypersonic weapon system but the U.S is not Intimidated at all.

America is Not in Fear

According to a report from Pentagon, China is rapidly expanding its nuclear force doubled as last year.  It is estimated that the nation could increase its nuclear missile counting to 1,000 by 2030.

However, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said “America isn’t a country that fears rivals,” during the preparation of the remarks for a Reagan National Defense Forum speech in California last Saturday, according to Voice of America.

Furthermore, China’s recent tests of a hypersonic weapon have also raised concerns. General Mark Milley said that the weapons test was almost as to the “Sputnik moment,” referring to a satellite released by the Soviet Union in 1957. In Addition, Milley said to Bloomberg in October that China will create the largest threat to the U.S. national security in the coming years.

U.S. – China Tensions Arise

The tension between China and U.S once again rises over President Joe Biden‘s decision to invite Taiwan to an upcoming virtual conference, the U.S. Marine Corps are making ready for the outbreak of a potential crisis by coming backs to its roots as an elite island-hopping force.

Moreover, the U.S is committed to supporting Taiwan’s ability to defend itself while also maintaining the U.S capacity to resist any resort to force that would jeopardize the security of the people of Taiwan.

In his speech Saturday, Austin pointed out that the U.S. has been doing efforts in responding to China’s big step. He said that officials are considering using more funding for research and developments that they are already spending a big amount of money on stealth and drone technologies. While the U.S has strengthened existing associations with other countries including Japan and Australia.

Hence, the U.S. is not trying to turn other nations against China. However, the U.S. not looking for an Asian version of NATO or trying to build an anti-China coalition. And the U.S. is not asking other countries to side between the United States and China.