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IRS To Distribute More Than $1,400 Fourth Stimulus Check this Month

In December, the IRS will give millions of Americans a stimulus check of more than $1,400 as a type of catch-up payment.

Stimulus Check

IRS to distribute more than $1,400 Stimulus Checks to millions of Americans. (Photo: GoBanking Rates)

Millions of Americans To Receive Stimulus Checks

In a recently published article in BGR, for some individuals, this represents a sizable stimulus payment. In fact, it’s far larger than the majority of the child tax credit payments due this month or on December 15.

To be sure, most beneficiaries will get the same amount on December 15 as they have for the previous five checks. In other words, they will cost a few hundred dollars for each qualifying kid.

Meanwhile, other families have just recently begun to get these payments. If that’s you, and you joined up by November 15th, congratulations! In December, the IRS will really issue you a type of catch-up check.

This implies that the latecomers will get what other families received in six payments as a lump-sum payment in December. Some of the payments were worth up to $1,800 per qualified kid. And it isn’t the only way a fourth stimulus check may arrive in the coming weeks.

Long Stretch of Payment in 2021

With the arrival of the last month of 2021, an extraordinary year of distributing billions of dollars to Americans in the form of stimulus payments has come to an end. Thanks to the six child tax credit stimulus cheques, tens of millions of Americans received as much as eight installments, if not more.

In addition, the federal government makes the third payment, and payments are made at the state level in many regions of the country. For many Americans, the month of December will be especially memorable in this regard. Because many of them will get what might be deemed a fourth stimulus check later this month.