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Vegan Begged to Be Vaccinated At the Last Minute of His Life After Initially Rejecting It Over Animal Testing

Glynn steel, a 54-year-old vegan has died of COVID-19 earlier this month after refusing to be vaccinated due to concerns about animal testing. He contracted the severe form of the infection and fought for his life, but it was already too late when he begged the nurses for a jab. His wife said that Glynn’s last words were that he deeply regretted not getting vaccinated.


vegan man refused COVID-19 vaccine

Glynn Steel, 54, died from COVID-19 after refusing the vaccine due to animal testing. He begged for the vaccine at his last moments but it was already too late. (PHOTO: Emma Steel/SWNS)


Vegan Man Dies After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

Glynn from Malvern, Worcestershire had initially planned to spend more time traveling and then look after animals in his retirement, Mail Online reported. But that will never come true after he succumbed to death earlier this month.

His wife, Emma, said that Glynn refused to get vaccinated and his reluctance was even fueled when he learned that vaccine trials involved animal testing. He easily deteriorated from the infection due to his age and because of the lack of vaccine. Emma is fully-vaccinated, unlike her husband, and said that losing Glynn means that she is now facing “an empty future alone.”

Emma encourages everyone to get vaccinated, especially with Glynn’s last words to her are: “I have never felt so ill, I wish that I had had the vaccine.” Indeed, it was heart-wrenching to hear these words, mostly because Glynn begged for a jab when he was already in the intensive care unit before going on life-support when it was all too late.

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Important Role of Animals in COVID-19 Vaccine Research

The urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted scientists to develop an effective and safe vaccine to combat the virus that has been infecting and killing people worldwide.

According to the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), animals play a key role in the COVID-19 vaccine development. Scientists utilized several animal models, such as mice and hamsters to determine whether a vaccine candidate’s safety and effectiveness of new vaccines or treatments.

Even after the pandemic, scientists will continue to use the knowledge they learned from these animal models as part of their preparedness to target emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases.

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