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US Republicans are Battling To Save $2 Billion Funding For Trump’s Border Wall

Four years ago President Donald Trump’s border wall campaigned on a promise to build boarders walls along the US and Mexico.

Long-sought wall on the U.S.-Mexico border (Photo NBCnews)

US Republicans are battling to save funding for Trump’s long-sought wall on the U.S.-Mexico border

Senate Republicans are Struggling to Save Funding

President Biden’s first executive order was to halt the signature project of the former President Trump’s country border wall on the US and Mexico. Furthermore, the Democrats plan to revoke nearly $2 billion in funding with the long-sought wall.

The Upper chambers of Republicans are impelling for the funding to continue progress on the project that would most likely take years or longer and more money to complete it. Moreover, the other Republicans Senators Mike Braun (Ind.), Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), and Marco Rubio (Fla.). pledged in a letter not to back the annual appropriations legislation to fund the government if money is not set aside for the wall and call on their colleagues to do the same. But the Republicans are on the 50/50 side with the border wall idea.

Sen. Richard Shelby (Ala.), a top-ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee warned about the bipartisan deal, a progress that could imperil funding for other significant GOP-backed priorities, including the military operations and national security of the country. In addition, he also said that  “funding the Navy, the Army, and Air Force intelligence, all of that, is a top priority to the nation.” Although he still supports with border wall he weights more on funding the other priorities for the better of America.

Biden Brings an End to the Border Wall

Last week, Biden doubled down it and officially declared an end to the national emergency on the border with Mexico and promised that no more tax money would go to the wall.

As a result, the pro border wall Republicans bombarded the Biden administration for putting an end to the efforts and the previous administration’s renders to the project. They also argue about the effective results of the border wall in cracking down on illegal drug activities, border crossings, and other crimes in certain areas where the barriers have gone up.

Furthermore, the top Democrats and critics have stalled with the arguments and panning for the prior administration’s approach to border wall security as ineffective and at the same time irresponsible. Detractors have sighted out how the barrier was constructed and the cost for them to keep up and damage to the environment during construction.